everyone’s favorite excuse to practically die is coming up - nanowrimo

i went ahead an made the traditional nano calendar with word goals and writing suggestions, just click for a bigger view

i’ll be posting a lot of resources gearing up for national novel writing month so keep an eye out if you’re into grinding your creativity down to the bare bones for a whole month like i am



WOW They Killed Another One of My Favorite Characters (A Fanmix)
Inspired by [x]

1. In My Veins (Andrew Belle) 2. Where Do I Even Start? (Morgan Taylor Reid) 3. Always Remember Me (Ry Cumming ft. Sara Bareilles) 4. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (Becca Stevens Band) 5. When I Look to the Sky (Train) 6. Without You (One Two) 7. Youth (Daughter) 8. Save You (The Moxy) 9. Some Die Young (Gavin Mikhail) 10. Stars (Grace Potter & The Nocturnals) 11. Ghosts That We Knew (Mumford & Sons) 12. I Lived (OneRepublic) 13. Swans (Unkle Bob) 14. Bottom of The Ocean (Miley Cyrus) 15. Ashes and Wine (A Fine Frenzy) 16. Each Coming Night (Iron & Wine) 17. See Me Smiling (Yellowcard) 18. Over You (Miranda Lambert) 19. Still Around (30H!3) 20. One Heart / Million Voices (New Empire) 21. Dead in The Water (Ellie Goulding) 22. Hate To See Your Heart Break (Paramore) 23. Freight Train (Sara Jackson Holman) 24. So I Need You (3 Doors Down) 25. Summertime Sadness (Miley Cyrus)